Disney + Users Angry About Removing Mom’s Movies, I Missed The Plane


Many Disney + users were curious about how the platform would handle some cult titles for fans, between animation and live-action. And there are already several complaints about the removal of some of the spectators’ favorite films, that is, Mum, I lost the plane and Mum, I retired the plane – I got lost in New York.

Several users have also complained about the lack of titles like Pirates of the Caribbean – Across the Sea and the teen movie The winning guys.

However, a selection process that Disney + subscribers will have to get used to, considering that the platform’s library is destined to grow more and more.
In any case, it will be necessary to keep an eye on the reaction of the fans also in the future perspective.

For the moment, the Disney + bookstore includes the third film in the franchise, Mom, I got measles. But fans are more tied to the first two films starring a very young Macaulay Culkin as the pestiferous Kevin McAllister, first forgotten by the family at home during the Christmas holidays and then lost in the Big Apple and chased by the two clumsy thieves who in the first film attempt to rob the McAllister house.
In recent months a reboot of Mamma has been announced, I lost the plane, which provoked mixed reactions.

The first film, in particular, is a cult of Christmas and childhood; in October the first details on the makeover were announced.