AT 93, Roger Corman Still Has Many Plans Before Retirement


Between directories and productions, Roger Corman has over 400 films to his credit, from very low budget B-movies to adaptations by Edgar Allan Poe, and his production companies New World and Concorde Pictures have been the launching pad for directors of the caliber by Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and James Cameron.

At 93, Corman has no intention of abandoning the world of cinema and is still engaged in many projects: for example, the thriller Crime City, set in the Bahamas and which will also take advantage of the Archive of Hurricane Dorian which recently caused devastating floods.

On the occasion of the Bahamas International Film Festival, the director spoke about this and much more. On his new project, not yet well defined, he said: “I will use videos of the devastation caused by hurricane Dorian. I found a cameraman who had piloted a drone on the most affected areas. I looked at his video and I thought: I never have seen anything like that” He will, therefore, find a way to insert it in a story, which apparently will bring it back to its origins and the first B-movies.

Corman also talked about Netflix and new technologies: in some aspects, he says, “making a film today is easier than ever. There are lighter digital cameras, even the sound is easier. For the lights, in particular with the LED and everything else, you can move faster, more efficiently and less expensive. You don’t have to pay a laboratory to develop the film, it’s all done digitally. “

The downside, though, is that theatrical release is sometimes more complicated, and many films are released on Netflix making only short theatrical appearances – such as The Irishman much loved by Barack Obama – or on other streaming platforms. The experience of viewing as a collective ritual is thus lost, but those who prefer to stay at home on the sofa can take a look at the January releases on Netflix.