Uncharted: The Film Also Loses the Sixth Director and Will Probably Be Postponed Again


We are getting used to it by now, but the Uncharted film has lost its sixth director, with Travis Knight abandoning the project and the film that will probably face yet another postponement.

It now seems like a joke, but apparently the Uncharted film has also lost the sixth director, with Travis Knight having abandoned the project and the film that will therefore probably be postponed again.

Sony, therefore, starts looking for the seventh director for the Uncharted film, which could easily represent a record in this area. It seems that Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg are still planned within the project, but the problem is that the director is missing again and therefore the works are blocked again.

There is still no official communication from Sony, but this inconvenience most likely involves yet another postponement for the film, which was scheduled for late 2020 after numerous postponements. Travis Knight, who seemed to be the good director after the first five abandonments, found himself immersed in numerous commitments, including a sequel to Bumblebee, thus deciding to abandon the direction of Uncharted.

We, therefore, await the announcement of the seventh director for the film in the Naughty Dog series, but at this point, the story begins to be almost comic.