Tower of Time, Another Free Game on GOG for Winter Sales


GOG has announced the addition of another free title to the winter sales: the role-playing game Tower of Time, which went unnoticed but decidedly valid.

GOG, another free game for the winter sales: Tower of Time by the developer Event Horizon. It is not a very famous product, but it is decidedly recent and, according to those who have played it, also very interesting. Without too many mysteries, its main inspiration seems to be Baldur’s Gate, but some features are decidedly peculiar, such as the Skill Gesture and the original game world. However they give it away, so it is better to try it and find out if it suits you.

To redeem Tower of Time you obviously need to have an active account on It should not even be specified that it is a title for PC. If you are interested, this is the shop page dedicated to the game. To redeem it, however, you must scroll through the main page of the shop.

Tower of Time will be a gift for 48 hours, so hurry to redeem it.