For Discussions on Cinema, for Kevin Feige “Internet Is Hell”


Nowadays, there is no shortage of spaces to discuss cinema on the Internet, but this has not always been the case. Until recently, there were few places to talk about films, but things have changed drastically in recent years and it is not necessarily a good thing. Or at least, Kevin Feige seems to think so.

The producer and boss of Marvel Studios have recently been a guest of the New York Film Academy, and in addition to talking to students about upcoming projects such as Shang-Chi he has addressed a series of topics related to the Seventh Art. In a conversation with the moderator Tova Leiter, which started from the film making process and from some statements by Woody Allen, the discussion fell on the crowding of the digital spaces for discussions.

“When I started, it was literally the dawn of the Internet and movie blogs,” Feige recalled. “Now we live in the hell we live in today, but at the time you thought: Wow, people have opinions about the movies. And they didn’t like the first X-Men and there was the quote: Well, it’s a Marvel movie, so you know it will be ugly. “

Kevin Feige is certainly not the only one who finds the atmosphere on the Net a bit toxic these days. There are several famous people and insiders who have talked about it, even if recently Henry Cavill of The Witcher has declared that the situation seems nuanced. It even seems as Bob Iger said, that Disney gave up a potential acquisition of Twitter last fall due to the wickedness of the people of the network.

According to Kevin Feige, there will be more and more LGBTQ actors in upcoming Marvel films. And what do you think of his statements? Do you also think that the Internet has become “hell”? Let us know as always in your comments.