Tom Cruise President of the United States? the Video of the Race for the White House 2020


That the Trump administration is one of the most controversial in American history is well known to all and the first four-year term is about to expire for the American tycoon, who has long been organizing the new election campaign. Now, a new candidate will come to put a spoke in his wheels: for Tom Cruise nothing is impossible.

In another you will find the video parody Run Tom Run by Miles Fisher who identifies himself with a Tom Cruise candidate for the White House 2020, unfortunately all too good to be true:

” There is a lot to talk about 2020 presidential, including a large number of running candidates, but, I ask you, can these people REALLY run? Let’s face it, they are the last true American star and nobody runs or opens boxes like me and, with your help, in 2020 we will devastate the ballot boxes. “

After a loud laugh, the actor continues, literally, starting his run: ” Why vote for me? I’m not just a man, I’ve been EVERY kind of man: a pilot and navy lawyer, even a common lawyer. My opponents will say that I had some help in high school, and that’s true, but I grew up quickly with hard work and dedication to sport. I know democracy and I fought alongside samurai. I am proud to have defended my planet from aliens for two, or rather three times. “

“With me in command, no mission will be impossible so help me help you elect me in 2020. I’m just a patriot. My birthday? July 4th! I’m Tom Cruise and I’m” running “for the United States presidency.”

What to say? After this preview, if ever the real Tom decides to apply, he will surely have our vote! Fisher has even created the site on which he will publish updates on the fictitious election campaign: you can even subscribe to the newsletter to not miss even detail on it.