Joker’s Script Reveals Sophie’s Fate with Two Unreleased Scenes


Thanks to the For Your Consideration campaign for the promotion in view of the Oscars 2020, the Joker script is online and peeking here and there between the pages written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver we discovered some unpublished details on Sophie.

The fate of the character played by Zazie Beetz intrigued the viewers of the film with Joaquin Phoenix, given that the director – after the twist in which we are revealed that throughout the film the protagonist Arthur has imagined his love story with the neighbor – deliberately left a point of the plot unresolved: following her emotional breakdown, did Joker kill Sophie or did she spare her?

The final script of the film, however, comes in handy: in fact, the script includes two scenes (probably never shot) that show us that Sophie survived. After killing Randall, in fact, we read that Arthur takes his money and puts it in an envelope on which he writes “SOFI”, adding a note in which he asks her to watch Murray Franklin’s television program. Later, while Arthur kills the live TV host, the scene shuts off on Sophie who looks horrified at the show from her apartment.

These cut scenes confirm what Todd Phillips had previously mentioned when he said during an interview that some scenes had been specifically eliminated both to make Sophie’s ending cryptic, and to focus exclusively on Arthur’s point of view.

What do you think about it? Would you have preferred to see the two scenes in the final montage? Tell us in the comments.