Evan Rachel Wood Demolishes Cats: “It’s Worse Than I Thought”


In a post later deleted – but of which the actress does not regret, as you can see yourself going at the bottom of the article – Evan Rachel Wood demolished the chatted Cats, the new Universal musical.

The film, just removed from the major from the list of contenders for the Oscars 2020, made its debut with just $ 15 million dollars in six days, against a colossal budget of $ 100 million dollars: already considered one of the most disastrous flops in the history of the cinema, Tom Hooper’s musical also had to put up with the negative review of the star, who from his Twitter profile first posted a story made exclusively of laughter and what the fuck (which you always find at the bottom), and then wrote:

” It’s actually worse than I thought. And I already knew it would be horrible. But … actually I’m speechless. Why should you change the choreography? I’m speechless. “

The actress, whom we recently heard in the vocal cast of Frozen II, made it clear that her judgment on the film does not concern the CGI, nor the actors-cats: ” They changed all the iconic choreography. They eliminated 70% of the character’s main. Changed the plot. I grew up in the theater. I was married to a dancer. I have enormous respect for what they do, which is why I consider this film a huge disappointment and a totally wasted opportunity. “

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