Rob Zombie Hates His 1000 Bodies House: “an Absolute Disaster”


Although The House of 1000 Bodies is now 15 years old, thanks to the recent American release of 3 From Hell, we have returned to talk about the first chapter of the horror saga of the Firefly family written and directed by Rob Zombie, which curiously recently admitted: ” not to love the film at all “.

In a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting, in fact, the author spoke of the uncensored version of the film, the one with the most extreme contents, which in his opinion will never see the light despite the now decades of fans’ requests. On the contrary, this makes it particularly hostile to The House of 1000 bodies as it is released in theaters.

Says Zombie: ” The first film that I directed and that people seem to love so much is actually an absolute disaster. When it came out in theaters it seemed that everyone hated it. And I mean everyone. Now no, they act as if they were loved, a true genre cult. Personally, all I see in that film are flaws, flaws, flaws and more flaws. “

In short, not the number one fan of his own film, but in the end the filmmakers – especially authors – manage to be very critical of their works, especially if there is a lack of director’s cut in between.

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