Jason Derulo Responds to Criticism of Cats: ‘What Do Critics Know About It?’


Tom Hooper’s Cats is settling, a few days after his debut, as one of the most sensational flops of this 2019: the film is receiving merciless criticisms that, of course, immediately reached the ears of those directly concerned.

Already in recent days, therefore, the reaction of the director of Cats Tom Hooper had arrived, who even seems to have enjoyed reading the bad reviews on the film. Another voice, however, rose in defense of the work inspired by the musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber, that of Jason Derulo.

” Every time you try to challenge a certain art form, every time you try to break the rules there will be a sort of rejection, of course. But [Cats] is an incredible work of art created by some of the best people in the world. I’m just thrilled that people are seeing him, because critics, in short, what do they know about it? ” Derulo replied, therefore polemising with all the critics who ditched the Hooper film.

However, the data of Cats’ bad debut on Rotten Tomatoes remains, which has given the film a ruthless 18%. Cats have recently been at the center of controversy also over the issue of VFX, of which the last update was sent to cinemas only after the film was released in theaters.