Fortnite, Epic Games Removes V-Buck and Skin from Some Accounts, That’s Why


The V-bucks are the main currency of Fortnite Chapter 2 and of Fortnite Battle Royale in particular: with the V-bucks, which can be purchased for real money, the player can make his own Skins and cosmetic objects from the game store. In these hours, however, the developers of Epic Games are removing, and also several, from some accounts. Why?

Epic Games is removing V-buck and skins from certain accounts of Fortnite Chapter 2, but for good reason. These items were purchased by account holders through third parties: black market resellers, who get V-bucks at bargain prices (or for free) through scams and chargebacks. Once useful, they resell the V-bucks “honestly”, at a much lower price than at the Epic Games store. Guess who’s at a loss in all this context? That’s right: just Epic Games. In fact, the developers have repeatedly stated that the only legal method to buy the V-bucks lies in the direct purchase via the platform or in authorized dealers.

As a result, if you illegitimately purchased V-bucks, Skins and cosmetic content with your account, well … Epic Games he could remove them as soon as possible if he finds out. The alarm started on Twitter, where many players received messages that warned them that they had lost certain amounts of V-buck and Skin. Next time, perhaps, they will choose to purchase through the Fortnite store, and nowhere else.