Tolo Tolo, Checco Zalone Responds to Criticism: “Nothing More Can Be Said”


In a long interview published on The Corriere Della Sera, Checco Zalone responded to the numerous criticisms of the song Immigrato that he made for his new film, Tolo Tolo.

“Unfortunately, nothing more can be said. If I re-proposed certain imitations of ten years ago, such as that of Giuliano de Negramaro, they would arrest me. Today I could not joke as I did, I know, about Tiziano Ferro, or about the sexual men” said the singer (via Huffington Post). “Even then I didn’t mock homosexuals, it is evident; although perhaps not at all. The only atrocious thing here is the psychosis of the politically correct. There is always some community or some interest group, that is offended.”

As for the accusations of racism, Zalone explained: “I exclude that someone can be so stupid as to really think so. I am not racist even towards Valentine, who for us from Bari is the real terror. And not even with the people of Foggia, although many they resented a song I sang from Fiorello. “

Waiting to find out what the film will talk about – remember that not even a trailer has been released yet.