PS5 and Xbox Series X: Faster SSD Thanks to Special Software Technology?


According to an analysis of the TweakTown site, there is the possibility that the higher speed of the PSD and Xbox Series X SSDs is guaranteed via software by software-defined flash technology.

We have known for some time that one of the substantial evolutions made by the hardware of the new generation consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X will be the use of SSDs instead of traditional mechanical hard drives, but these will probably be further speeded up thanks to particular software solutions.

The use of solid-state storage memories are certainly not a novelty even in the gaming field, having been used for years on PC, but the SSDs of PS5 and Xbox Series X could still be based on some more advanced features than seen normally.

According to TweakTown, which developed the theory in question, therefore not based on any specific claim from Microsoft or Sony, the higher speed of the PS5 and Xbox Series X hard drives could be guaranteed by the use of a new technology software-defined flash (SDF).

It is a form of flash software that is used specifically by large cloud-based structures, with huge server farms, to select, extract and manage some data from gigantic archives much faster, thus able to provide “granular” access to data.

The use of this technology is therefore normally different and in contexts with different structures, but modified versions could be adapted to work on new generation consoles and in much smaller contexts, operating according to the same basic principle.

The new SDF would be able to triple the speed of access to the standard data of the SSD, opening preferential channels that guarantee the maximum speed of access to the archive and the movement of data through these channels based on the raw speed of the SSD.

Although the issue has never been mentioned precisely by Sony and Microsoft, as TweakTown points out, the effects of SDF technology would correspond to what was previously said by Mark Cerny for PS5 and Microsoft for Xbox Series X, since both speak of SSD again concept capable of virtually eliminating loading times and thus guaranteeing continuous data streaming and zeroing of expectations, as well as allowing selective, “granular” access to data and therefore without the need to continuously move huge blocks of data to be able to manage the games, which obviously would increase the speed at which the games run.