Cats Production Updated the Movie’s VFX Again!


Cats are definitely one of the most talked-about films of the moment: the Tom Hooper film based on the musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber does not seem to be thrilling the critics and the public, and the production vicissitudes do not make things easier.

Already recently it had been revealed that the protagonists’ design had been changed following the bad reactions to the Cats trailer. It’s not over here, however: apparently the film’s VFX is about to receive a further, full-bodied update!

This definitely takes on the contours of a very funny joke, especially if we consider that the film has already been distributed in quite a lot of rooms! Precisely these have therefore been advised by the production that will shortly receive a ‘revised and corrected’ version of the film.

It seems clear, at this point, that Cats’ VFX had obviously not yet been put just before the release of the film, to the point of forcing the production to continue working on it even after the official closure of the production. A rather thin figure, who certainly will not help to revive the fate of a film that seems to have definitely started on the wrong foot: on Rotten Tomatoes, for example, Cats made his debut with a really bad score.