Pokémon GO Adventure Companions, the Group AR Mode Available in Beta


The group AR beta for Pokémon GO Adventure Companions is now available here are in which countries and how it works.

In recent days, the developers of Niantic Labs have surprisingly released the new game functionality of Pokémon GO, probably the most important ever since the introduction of PvP fights last year. Let’s talk about the Adventure Companions, to which the Group AR mode is added right now. Pokémon GO

Group AR mode is an enrichment of the adventure companions function: in short, activating augmented reality the player will be able to see not only their pocket monster in the real world, but also those of other nearby players, and also interact with them by stroking them, giving them berries to eat and much more. This prompts players in the same place to socialize; the beta of the group AR mode is now available in countries such as Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, but it cannot be excluded that it may also arrive elsewhere and in a stable manner in the near future.

Pokémon GO events dedicated to Christmas 2019 will start very soon, meanwhile, Lugia and Ho-Oh are back in the level five Legendary Raids: run to face them!