MediEvil Remake, the Demo Is Back Available on PS Store


Sony reported the MediEvil demo on the PS Store, so the “Short Life” trial version is now downloadable again, obviously for free, for PS4.

Sony has re-released the MediEvil “Short Life” demo for PS4 on the PS Store after it was removed following the first availability period prior to the game’s launch. The “Short Life” demo is therefore available again for download on PS4 through the PS Store, reachable at this link. It is a test of the game that allows you to try the Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum levels, or the initial part of the game inside the cemetery, which ends with the fight against the boss Stained Glass Demon. Once the demo is completed, the special item is obtained

Sir Dan’s Helmet, or a helmet for the protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque that can be used within the full version of MediEvil.

Developed by Other Ocean, MediEvil for PS4 is the complete remake of the first MediEvil originally released in 1998 on the first PlayStation. It is a third-person action game that stages the adventures of a skeletal knight, with atmospheres halfway between horror and demented humor. It is a game that PlayStation users are particularly fond of and for which they have long asked for a remake, finally arrived and accepted without however great clamor from critics and audiences.