Google Stadia, Unlockable Achievements Are Now Visible in the Interface


There are also unlockable achievements, or achievements, now correctly visible in the Google Stadia interface with a system similar to that found on consoles.

Google Stadia also grows by an additional feature, made available in these hours and concerning the possibility of seeing the unlockable objectives, or achievements, within the interface both directly on TV and on the internet client.

In addition to the two new features added in these hours to Google Stadia with support for Chromecast Ultra and Stream Connect, therefore, unlockable goals also arrive, now visible correctly in the user interface.

To tell the truth, the achievements have been within the system since the beginning and Google Stadia has so far continued to track the progress of the players, only that they were not visible through the interface. Instead, they are now correctly displayed in the “special awards” in the profile, with a trophy icon (it is necessary to select the “visible” option in the “Friends and Privacy” section).

In a similar way to what happens also with Xbox and the other platforms, also in this case, the objectives are organized by game and it is possible to see the progress towards each of these through a bar with the possibility to organize the vision in various ways. of which it is impossible to see a description and precise indications.