Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 55 of the Manga Is Now Available


Chapter 55 of the Dragon Ball Super manga has been published and is now available for free online reading on MangaPlus: the details

Looking forward to hearing about the latest developments in the narrative arc of Galactic Patrol and Moro? Now you can do since chapter 55 of the manga of Dragon Ball Super is now available for reading, and for free. As always, all you have to do is reach the Shūeisha MangaPlus site.

Find the link to access and read chapter 55 of the manga of Dragon Ball Super in the field Source of this article. From here on instead we will show you the contents of the new monthly appointment with the work of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, so stop reading immediately if you don’t want to know absolutely anything. Well, as you can also imagine Goku and Vegeta continue their respective training, pending the umpteenth clash with Moro, which however will be shown only later.

In particular, a large part of the chapter is dedicated to Vegeta ‘s training on Yardrat, a planet that is attacked by Moro’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Goku finally learns the true identity of Merus, until now remained unknown. We will return to these aspects of the matter, however, with individual in-depth articles.