Pokémon GO: Adventure Companions, the New Feature Is Now in Distribution


The new Pokémon GO adventure companion feature has finally arrived, here’s who can currently try it and distribution times.

With great rapidity, in the last few days, the developers of Niantic Labs have pulled the functionality linked to Buddy Pokémon, that is, to their adventure companions, out of the drawer. Basically it is a system that completely revises the old Pokémon Companion system of Pokémon GO, which will now follow the coach on screen, with many bonuses and lots of additional interaction possibilities.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait until 2020: the new Pokémon GO adventure function at the time of this writing has already arrived and is now being distributed on Android smartphones and iOS devices. It will be distributed in stages according to the coaching level: last night he appeared for the coaches at level 40, at the moment of writing we are coaches from level 30 up, and in the next few hours he should arrive for all the others.

The new Pokémon GO adventure companion will follow you on screen, and by using AR + you can interact with him in completely new ways. For all the bonuses and the functioning of the mechanics, we will update in the coming days, with themed articles.