Ninja and Adidas, the Official Themed Shoes Arrive With the Streamer


The official sneakers of the collaboration between Adidas and Ninja arrive with a pair of Nite Joggers shoes customized with the name of the famous streamer.

Considering the popularity now achieved by Ninja, it is not surprising to see it appears also on various clothing and accessories, on the other hand, a line of T-shirts and the like is already present for some time but with the new Adidas shoes, you reach a new level, considering also the cost of the items in question.

Among the various celebrities who can boast Adidas themed shoes, after Kanye, Pharrell and Beyonce, now there is also Ninja with the pair of sneakers that you can see below. On the other hand, we had already talked about the partnership for a themed product line between Ninja and Adidas last summer and now we are starting to see the results.

This is a pair of Nite Joggers sneakers that will be on the market from December 31st, 2019, with the particularity of having a clear personalization on the inside: on a shoe, we find the writing “Time In”, which refers to the collaboration with the streamer, on the other the name Ninja definitely visible.

So this is a pair of Adidas shoes designed for Ninja fans, probably the only ones willing to pay the asking price of around 150 dollars for a pair of shoes of this type, considering that the standard model costs much less.