Xbox Series X, Phil Spencer Confirms Support for Backward Compatibility at Launch


Contacted by GameSpot, the leader of Microsoft’s Xbox division reiterated that Xbox Series X will guarantee backward compatibility with previous titles from day one.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X will support backward compatibility with all the titles in the Xbox One catalog starting from day one. To reiterate it was the leader of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, on GameSpot microphones.

“We wanted to make sure that from day one we could keep the promise of backward compatibility, and so I played several Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles on Xbox Series X. I say this to ensure we will offer this service right away,” said Spencer.

Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox, added that it will be possible to transfer your Gamerscore, friends list and game saves to Xbox Series X.

“Today we have thousands of games that run on Xbox One,” notes Ronald. “We want you to be able to take those games with you, as well as the services. Whether it’s the Gamerscore, the friend’s list or the bailouts, all of this should be preserved.”

Since these operations require a lot of work, the Xbox team has focused on compatibility with previous versions of Xbox titles on Series X at least since June 2019. “There is a lot of work to ensure the compatibility of all generations”, he continued Phil Spencer. “So, as you may recall, we slowed down and paused our Xbox 360 compatibility program on Xbox One.”