PUBG, Sales of 10 Million Copies in the Last 18 Months


In the last eighteen months alone, the PUBG battle royale has sold ten million copies, without counting the revenues from the mobile version.

PUBG has sold ten million copies in the last eighteen months. The datum refers to the combined PC and console versions but does not take into account the microtransactions of the mobile ones, which are counted separately.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, PUBG Corp’s game would have sold a total of 60 million copies. To arrive at this figure it was enough to consider the June 2018 data, which spoke of 50 million copies sold, adding to it the new data.

Difficult to understand on which PUBG platform has sold the most. The PC version has been available for years, while those consoles have had different launches, with the one for Xbox One available from December 2017 and the PS4 version from December 2018. On Steam PUBG is always in the top positions of the most played titles.

Obviously, if we consider PUBG mobile, things change a lot. The mobile version of PUBG has in fact been downloaded more than six hundred million times, exceeding a billion dollars in revenues. Consider that this figure does not include the Chinese market. huge. and you will understand what we are talking about.