PS5, Puts the Logo on a Refrigerator and People Believe the Design of the Console


Daniel Ahmad put the PlayStation 5 logo on a black refrigerator and many took it for the console design.

The well-known analyst Daniel ‘ZhugeEX’ Ahmad, added the PlayStation logo to a black refrigerator pretending to be the PS5 design on Twitter. His goal was to make irony about those who hurled themselves against the Xbox Series X tower design, but got an unwanted effect: many believed him. Yes, many people felt that the refrigerator was really the final version of PS5, commenting on it as such. The situation has gotten so out of hand that Ahmad was forced to publish a second tweet in which he explicitly said that the image is a normal refrigerator and that he was joking.

Is all well that ends well? Nah. The insider Nibel then published a response tweet to that of Ahamad with a gif of the Joker movie attached in which the protagonist enters a refrigerator. The text commenting on the gif is eloquent enough: “Me getting into my PS5 to play The Legend of Dragoon 2”. Well, being an insider, many took his tweet as a confirmation of the arrival of a new The Legend of Dragoon for PS5. We hope that this happens to us, but frankly, the Tweet by Nibel seems to us simply a joke.