Fortnite: Elevate Your Banner to Conquer the Crash Sites of the TIE Fighter


Raise your banner to conquer the crash sites of the fighter TIE is one of the new Fortnite challenges dedicated to Star Wars, let’s see how to complete it quickly.

It’s called Raise your banner to conquer the TIE fighter crash sites, and it’s one of Epic Games’ new challenges designed for the collaboration between Fortnite Chapter 2 and Star Wars. In this quick guide, we will explain what the mission consists of, how to complete it easily and quickly, and how to survive as long as possible during the attempt.

To complete the challenge Fortnite x Star Wars Raise your banner to conquer the crash sites of the TIE fighter as you first reach one of the points where the TIEs crashed on the game map of Epic Games (this happened during the event last Saturday). Once you reach the place, you will find Troopers patrolling the area: they are usually five, armed with blasters and simply lethal. Don’t even remotely think of being able to reach them unarmed and then pick them, they will eliminate you immediately.

Here is how you should act: land in the vicinity and equip yourself with weapons and ammunition. At this point, you reach the TIE crash point and eliminate all Troopers. Only from this moment, the banner will be unlocked in the area: interact with the flag and you will have completed the task. Consider that once raised, a banner can no longer be changed: so if your enemy has already reached the place, you will have lost your chance. A clever way to complete the challenge (but unethical) is to wait for human enemies to eliminate the Troopers, and then run to raise your banner without being seen. The video below shows the location of all the TIE crash points.