“Learn” Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile China Adds “Skills” to Characters in Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile China has a lot of content ahead of QT.

Like Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale, PUBG Mobile TQ will allow you to choose a character class with unique skills when competing.

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are both the most attractive and popular FPS game projects in the world today. It is not difficult for gamers to realize the inheritance between these two rival periods. In the latest 0.16 update of PUBG Mobile International, Tencent has added the Winter Festival, Ragegear Action Racing Mode, the option to change the view in TPP mode or the mechanism to ban teammates from picking up equipment when “accidentally” killed by them. But that still doesn’t penetrate if compared to PUBG Mobile “China” version.

In the experimental version of PUBG Mobile TQ – Game for Peace, gamers witnessed this game adding skill systems to the characters in the basic Battle Royale modes. This reminds them of Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode, which also lets you choose a character class to start with. In particular, each character class will possess different skills to help the battle process.

For example Anti-Zombie – a passive skill that helps reduce the attention of zombies, Toy Robot – the ability to summon a bunch of zombies, Transform Shield – the ability to create a shield, Master Healer – the skill that allows Use healing items at a faster rate, …

Not entirely inherited from Call of Duty Mobile, the skills in PUBG Mobile may not be associated with the character but may appear as items that all players can equip and use. According to sharing from some Youtubers participating in the beta, PUBG Mobile will have 5 skill boxes for gamers to choose from.

Some of the skills in which the former is useful in combat situations, bring a number of competencies such as: throwing a hook onto a surface and pulling you toward that position (helping to approach unexpected positions a easy and quick way), create a shield to block damage from one direction, equipment repair tools, … PUBG Mobile Chinese version is clearly increasingly a pioneer in bringing the content. new. Last year, when Game for Peace was not released, the PUBG Mobile version developed by Timi also owned similar things.

But for now, Game for Peace is the standard PUBG Mobile game in the world’s most crowded market. If the international version including the VNG version adds the above features, the game will become more and more attractive. That is also the factor that makes PUBG Mobile more competitive with its Call of Duty Mobile competitor, which has achieved so much success with the Open Beta so far.