Fortnite, Special Battle Pass for 2020 Soon Available?


Apparently Epic Games will soon make available a new Battle Pass for Fortnite Battle Royale, exclusive for 2020 and very special: the details.

The Update 11.30 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming, and meanwhile, Fortinite Battle Royale’s dataminer and leaker are already at work to discover all the new contents. Apparently soon Epic Games will propose a new special Battle Pass for 2020, the details of which are currently immersed in mystery: let’s see what we know at the moment.

Thanks to the Fortnite Chapter 2 dataminer, it is known that in the coming days Epic Games will propose a new Battle Pass. It will probably be a super-package of cosmetic items, which will include the pre-purchase for all Battle Passes coming up next year, up to and including December 2020 In addition, players who purchase it will also receive additional cosmetic items compared to individual Battle Passes; in addition to the launch of each new season, they will immediately access 25% of the content in advance.

In the next few hours, Epic Games will probably confirm or deny this information, but Fortnite Chapter 2 game files hardly lie. It remains to understand how much the super Battle Pass of 2020 will cost, and how much new material it will contain inside.