Fortnite Players Suspect That the Matchmaking of Players by Skill Has Changed. It Will Be Easier


No update descriptions strike again. Famous Streamers and Youtubers believe that something has changed in Fortnite since the last update.

Matching players in Fortnite by skill raises great emotions since they were announced. Many people thought that it was a nightmare decision, roughly as many were happy.

Now players are reporting that their games have become easier. ” I think so since the last update,” says SypherPK.

Changes in player selection

Fortnite has been matching players by skill for some time. The better you play, the better your opponents hit. It was intended to allow weaker players to breathe a little bit from people who just sweep.

Better players were also supposed to take advantage, and finally, a challenge appeared before them. Now SypherPK during his broadcast admitted that something probably changed during the last update or on a random day. It hits much worse opponents.

A new update has not yet been announced. It is difficult to assume anything in this topic at all without much feedback from the community. Some will say that something has actually moved, others will definitely deny it. However, several of the greatest creators have noticed the change. Maybe it means something, and maybe completely nothing and everything is based only on guesses.