Ninja About How Much Harm Tfue Does to Fortnite, Complaining About Everything All the Time


Ninja has spoken repeatedly about complaining players. This time he also mentioned Tfue.

For many months, the image of Tfue was the first to complain about Fortnite. Despite the fact that she is nervous every day and remembers how bad Epic Games is every day, she still plays it.

He said several times that he would like to go further, but he does not see better games on the market today.

Ninja about Tfue

The ninja mentioned such behavior, which he strongly criticized. According to him, it is popular people that fuel all this complaint about Fortnite. Many people just think Fortnite is dying because they heard it from their idol.

Has something around 60 or 70,000 spectators and complains about how the game dies, is stupid etc.

There is something to it, because how can you gather so many people on one transmission in a dying game and still maintain production in TOP 2 Twitch?

However, it cannot be denied that Fortnite has slowed down. By ourselves, we can see that the Epic Games production does not release so much interesting content that we would have all day to write. Maybe it’s calm before the storm and we count on it very much.