Death Stranding Players Use Vehicles to Keep Others From Progressing


Kojima Production has already begun to take action.

If you have played Death Stranding in recent weeks, you may have encountered vehicles scattered around the map left by other players. Problem? Well, as the Eurogamer reports, it appears that many of these cars are being left at deliberate points on the stage to prevent players from progressing, contrary to Kojima’s premise of mutual aid.

Multiple Reddit users have revealed that one of the most common places to encounter such inappropriate obstacles is in the Cosplayer hideout, where players can find Conan O’Brien’s NPC. The ridiculous solution to the inconvenience is to use a Rocket Launcher missile to blow up the vehicle.

We need a dismantle vehicle option! from DeathStranding

Anyone wish we could delete vehicles too? from DeathStranding

It was almost guaranteed that the shared world created by Kojima would hide potential problems of this kind were it not for the term “troll” used constantly in video games.

The most impressive “feat” was eventually shared by MilfordMan on Reddit, who left us wondering how damn they managed to get the van there.

How do I uninstall someone elses game? from DeathStranding

The problem has reached such a large extent that Kojima Productions has already announced a planned patch for mid-December, ensuring the possibility of eliminating vehicles left by other players.

Hopefully, you have not come across these obstacles and are enjoying Death Stranding.