Call of Duty Mobile Has Massive Growth in Just 2 Months


The Activision-Tencent partnership proved to be a success: Call of Duty Mobile has already grossed $ 87 million (€ 78 million) in revenue. In addition, FPS mobile has already grossed 170 million downloads, just two months after its October launch.

In fact, October was the most remarkable month, where the game reached 146 million downloads. Growth has since slowed with 21 million downloads in November. Downloads are balanced between the Google Play Store (52%) and the Apple App Store (48%).

Countries where COD: Mobile is the most successful

  • United States: 28.5 million downloads (16.6%)
  • India: 17.5 million downloads (10.2%)
  • Brazil: 12 million downloads (7%)

In terms of revenue, the United States is the most profitable country for gambling, with $ 55 million in October alone. Japan represents the second most profitable territory with $ 11 million in revenue. Last came Great Britain with 2.6 million.

Call of Duty Mobile was released at the right time.

With the success of games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, 2019 was the perfect time to launch Call of Duty Mobile. The game already had a huge gaming community due to its legacy ranging from computer console titles.

The game follows the traditional mobile game model, being free to play but offering a panoply of in-app purchase choices. Like other titles, COD Mobile is constantly being updated with news, from quests to items to use during the game.

Not everything is pink, however. Its initial release garnered a lot of complaints from players about bugs and lag in general. For now, these problems have been resolved but there are still some gaps in the game.