Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 Week 8: How To Complete All The Missions And Challenges

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Below you will find the guide with the solution to all the challenges of ¡A lo! in the mission of week 8, season 1 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. If you have any of the previous challenges pending, here are the ones from Nuevo Mundo, Mar Adentro, Sorbete Forged, Shipyard Treatment, All the Truth, The Hunter, and its Prey and Trick Shot.

Remember that you can activate the Group Assistance function in a challenge per game, the one you want so that the progress of your teammates tells you too.

Challenges of it! (Chapter 2, Season 1, Week 8)

Here you have the challenges of ¡To it! next to your solution:

  • Inflicts damage to deliveries of supplies while they fall: we must do a total of 200 damage to one or more supply boxes while they fall with the parachute. Equipment scuffle is the best option to find a multitude of supply boxes throughout the game. 
  • Eliminations in Hidro 16 or Sacred Hedges: as simple as performing three eliminations in Setos Sagrados (to the west) or the Hidro 16 dam (to the south between Pegajoso Swamp and Calígine Field). Team scrub is always the fastest option for these types of challenges. 
  • Record a delivery of supplies within 10 seconds after you have landed: in Equipment Crew you will find supply boxes throughout the game, so you just have to stay tuned and be lucky so that another partner does not steal our loot. Patience because everyone will be trying to overcome the same challenge. 
  • Complete the time trial swimming in Sleeping Pools and east of Hidro 16: the start of the test is marked by activating the stopwatch north of Campo Calígine and west of Sleeping Pools. From there it is as easy as taking advantage of the jump and gaining momentum to collect the clocks that appear. 
  • Eliminations without using the sight: here we must finish with three enemies based on shots from the hip, so a good submachine gun or shotgun will be more than enough to ventilate a handful of enemies in Team Fight. 
  • Collect objects, rivals, and catch fish with the harpoon weapon: the most complicated is to hit an enemy, since objects and fish only need to aim at any object or a fishing area and shoot. With a bit of luck you will surely find someone dismissed. 
  • Deal damage to enemies within 30 seconds after using a hang glider: in Team Scrub you can use the hang glider constantly, so it is the easiest option to complete this challenge. Ok with any amount of damage, so don’t worry about aiming. 
  • Record two chests in a period of 30 seconds: the crashed plane or the lighthouse seems the two best options, although it is easy to find two chests together in any area of ​​houses or even on different floors of the same building. It is one of those challenges that will come out alone. 
  • Collect 300 wood in 60 seconds after jumping off the battle bus in the same game: head to a forest like the Alameda Afligida or an area with wooden buildings like Finca Frenesí and collect wood without stopping until the challenge is over. Reaching 300 is much easier than it might seem. 
  • Deal damage with 2 different weapons in less than 30 seconds: Scrub teams, two different weapons in your inventory and go. It is very easy to get and will not take you too many attempts. 
  • Look for the “E” hidden in the loading screen of ¡Alo !: it’s time to travel to the Hidro 16 dam. There we will find the letter E on the central lamppost.