Casio and Pokémon Create a Pikachu Watch for the 25th Anniversary of the BABY-G Line


The latest collaboration of the well-known Casio watch brand has almost guaranteed success. And, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their line of BABY-G watches, Casio and Pokémon have come together to create a Pikachu watch. In fact, it could not have been with any other. Because, in addition to being the best-known pokemon in the franchise, it is also number 25 in the pokédex.

Casio’s BABY-G line was released in 1994 and was intended primarily for women. However, today, the watch company describes these watches as “the perfect complement for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle and fashion.” And this is due to its multiple characteristics to resist outdoor activities (resistant to shocks, water, etc.) and its sophisticated design.

Casio and Pokémon team up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BABY-G

So, to commemorate the 25 years of one of its most popular watch lines, Casio has decided to collaborate with Pokémon to launch this curious watch. Just do n’t expect a smartwatch or a watch with advanced features. Although the use of the traditional clock is increasingly parked, this Pikachu watch is the Casio of a lifetime.

The Casio and Pokemon watch comes in a Pokeball-shaped case.

However, it does have many details that Pikachu fans will love. First, the strap is black. But the special thing is that it has drawings of the Pikachu ray tail in neon colors and with the style of the Pokémon games of the Game Boy. In addition, there are also small pokeballs that accompany the rays. The dial of this Casio watch includes the Pokémon logo, and when you turn on your light, a small Pikachu sprite appears on the screen.

And that’s not all since the clock comes in a Pokeball-shaped box. In addition, the band of the band marks 0:25 to commemorate the anniversary, and at the back of the dial, you can also find a small Pikachu.

Finally, do not forget that it is a limited edition, but it will be available in all Casio stores. You can’t buy it in Spain yet, but will you spend 129 euros on this Pikachu watch?