Characters and Locations From Overwatch Perfectly Recreated in Sims 4


Theoretically, these two worlds do not completely match each other. However, it turns out that they can have a lot in common.

The creativity of Overwatch players is evident at every step. On websites like Reddit, there are a lot of different skin, cosplay, and hand-made suggestions related to Blizzard’s game.

Some also use other titles in their creativity. This was the case with the reddit user nickname Luvi2106, who decided to recreate the world of Overwatch in Sims 4.

Overwatch moved to Sims 4

In Sims, you can create really interesting things. The production is directed more to the female part of the community, while it is still great to have fun building new houses or just recreating the appearance of the characters from Overwatch.

The characters really look similar and it could easily be treated as a full-fledged mod for Sims 4.

But that’s not all, in Sims, there are also spots known from Blizzard’s game. Here, for example, the building from Route 66.

If this has not convinced you yet that you can actually connect the two worlds, then the Overwatch heroes are recreated in their own skins.

This is definitely an interesting project that is worth appreciating. Something like this is not a breakthrough, it will not make anyone return to Overwatch, or start playing Simsa. However, it’s nice to see that the community is still really creative and able to create its own interpretations of the world of OW.

The whole album with all additional photos is available on Imgurze.