The Worlds 2019 Finals Broke the Viewing Record


It happened exactly what we expected. There was a huge record when it came to viewers.

If anyone has thought that League of Legends has been on a downward trend so far, then he should think twice more. The league, which is already 10 years old, has just set a new record on Twitch.

Records also flew along with other platforms, while LoL broke Fortnite by over 100,000 people. Other productions are really far behind.

League of Legends shows that it is still enjoying great popularity. Of course, this final was unique in that we had a European team clash with the Chinese, but this is not the first time.

As reported by Esports Charts, peak viewers amounted to 3 million 700 thousand. This is a huge jump compared to the previous year, where the finals were watched by just over 2 million people.

Next year it may be similar, we’ll see what 2020 will bring us. For now, it’s really great when it comes to League of Legends.