Nike Shoes Specially Designed for Worlds 2019


A very interesting design of shoes, specially designed as part of the 2019 World Cup.

Nike has recently shown that it is most interested in creating branded clothes related in some way to League of Legends. It started with t-shirts, and recently we even had special shoes for selected e-athletes.

Meanwhile, one of the designers showed a shoe design that was prepared especially for Worlds 2019.

League of Legends shoe design

The design seems a bit over the top for everyday use. On the other hand, as a collector, he could be accepted as much as possible. After the popularity of the project, it can be assumed that Riot Games can actually go in this direction at some point.

Chris Le points out that the project was created as part of the RTFKTstudios brand, it looks like a brand associated with the creator, which has just planned to start.

The author also designed shoes, especially for the finalists. These are definitely simpler.

Many people, despite yesterday’s failure, probably many people would be interested in buying. I wonder if we will ever see the official distribution of Nike in this style.