Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and The Last Of Us Part 2 Online in development for PS5?

PS5 2020

Official PlayStation Magazine UK has launched a survey to ask readers what game they would like to see at the launch of PlayStation 5. Four possible choices, including two unreleased titles.

Specifically, the title mentions Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Killzone Online and The Last Of Us Part 2 Online. If Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima have long been rumored to be PlayStation 5 titles under development, the last two are partly unpublished.

Killzone Online could be a multiplayer spin-off of the game Guerrilla while The Last Of Us Part 2 Online could be the long-awaited multiplayer game by Naughty Dog, whose existence has been confirmed by the development team, but without the association with The Last Of Us 2.

At the moment it is obviously just speculation and the PlayStation 5 launch lineup has not yet been defined, in the past few hours an insider announced that he was aware of the release date of PS5, apparently set for December 2020, just in time for next year’s Christmas season.