Here are the new weapons coming in Fortnite Chapter 2

new weapons coming in Fortnite Chapter 2

Season 1 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite is finally online after the frenzy erupted in recent days, with the black hole that had engulfed the game, and subsequent leaks, previews, and rumors about the possible consequences of the event.

Now that the Fortnite 2 patch is online, the first official information on the Fortnite chapter 2 has finally arrived, directly from Epic Games, but the leaks from the usual data miners who are trying to find out all the news of the game do not stop. .

We speak for example of the new weapons that will be available with the new season. Epic has unveiled the Bazooka in Bende, which should be a healing element, and which will occupy two slots. But there will also be shotguns, one of the most used weapons in the game, to be used short-range. It looks like there are two new ones coming, although at the moment only the name of one of the two is known: Pump Shotgun, which will do a lot of damage but will have a limited rate of fire.

Two new sniper rifles should also arrive, and something will also change for missile launchers, of which green and gray varieties are planned.

The leakers have also revealed a new gun, of purple and gold varieties: it will be a semi-automatic lethal short-range.

What do you think of these new weapons? What others would you like to see?