Fortnite Chapter 2: All official news unveiled by Epic Games


After the panic generated by the black hole that swallowed Fortnite, and the leaks arrived in the last few hours, Epic Games has finally officially unveiled and made available the patch for Chapter 2 of Fortnite, which went online just this morning, waiting for the game servers to come back active.

The same Epic Games on its website has also revealed the first official features of Fortnite 2. First of all, there will be a new island with 13 new locations, where we can land and start playing.

There are many water games, a feature that has always been lacking in the game, and that now will make it possible to swim, go fishing, drive motorboats and much more to reveal.

Epic has also announced new possibilities to support its team: for example, the bandage bazooka arrives, and it will be possible to bring the fallen comrades to safety while carrying them in their arms. Obviously new group emotes will also arrive, such as the already announced Batti Five.

Another novelty concerns the possibility of seeking refuge in hay and bins, for example, to take one’s opponents off guard. There will also be petrol cans and explosive bins for a bang on the scene.

As for the combat, on the other hand, a reduced arsenal will be available, and it will be possible to improve one’s weapons by collecting resources and using them at the strengthening station.

Finally, a new battle pass was announced with a new PE system and medals to be collected at each game.

In short, lots of news that will be revealed even more in detail in the coming hours by Epic Games. What do you think?