Pokémon GO: all the details on the Trapinch Community Day of October 12th

Pokémon GO

Coaches, at attention! From 11:00 to 14:00 today October 12 will take place in Pokémon GO the Community Day Trapinch, insectoid monster Ground-type belonging to the third generation.

With regard to the little monster, in the Pokédex it is possible to read: “Trapinch’s den is made in a steep pit in the shape of a sack dug in the sand. The Pokémon waits patiently for the prey to fall into a trap. Its mighty jaws also shatter the stone”. During the scheduled hours the Trapinch will appear more frequently in the wild and, from time to time, may even appear in shiny version. If you succeed in making it evolve into Vibrava and then Flygon within an hour of the end of the event, the latter will know the exclusive Geoforza move, which cannot be learned in any other way.

As always, you can rely on a series of bonuses. By running Pokéstop discs in the time slot of the event you could receive 2km eggs from which Trapinch is born. In addition, the experience capture points will be tripled, while the baits will have an extended duration of three hours. In the game shop, it is possible to buy a Community Day Box at the price of 480 coins, which includes 30 Ultra Balls, 2 Super Incubators, 2 Lucky Eggs, and 2 Star Pieces.

Before the greetings, we take the opportunity to report to you the Niantic Wayfarer program , through which you can report new points of reference for Gyms and Pokéstops, and which will soon start a Halloween event in Pokémon GO.