Apple Arcade welcomes five new games

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has been available on the devices of the bitten apple for less than a month, but its catalog is already expanding. The subscription service has in fact just received five other games.

We are talking about:

  • Stela of Skybox Labs: a platform that tells of a girl who knows by witnessing the destruction of a mysterious and ancient world;
  • Inmost of Chucklefish Games: a puzzle-platformer strongly based with three playable characters with interconnected stories, or a Knight who has sworn allegiance to the forces of darkness, a creature that feeds on the fear of others and a young girl all alone;
  • Shock rods by Stainless Games: an action driving game that sees players clashing in multiplayer games with no holds barred aboard their bolides equipped with machine guns and missiles. It is also possible to play solo against bots;
  • Decoherence of Efecto + Rocket: a game that allows you to build robots to fight in PvP arenas by assembling a wide variety of components;
  • Mind Symphony by Rogue Games: an action game in which the gameplay flows to the rhythm of the music.

Apple Arcade, we remember, is a subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV that for 4.99 euros a month provides access to over 100 games that will never be published on other mobile platforms.