Apex Legends: the Charge Rifle will soon be weakened, that’s why

Apex Legends

Among the most important innovations of Season 3 of Apex Legends is the Charge Rifle, an energy rifle that added a lot of spice to the battle royale games … maybe a little too much!

The players didn’t take long to notice its incredible power, only partially counterbalanced by the blow charge time, which once exploded can inflict up to 90 damage points. Many people complain, and apparently Respawn Entertainment agrees with them: through their official Trello wall, the developers have revealed that the Charge Rifle will soon be weakened. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed about the type of intervention that will be carried out: will the damage points be reduced? Will the blast delay be increased? We’ll find out in one of the future patches.

Meanwhile, we take the opportunity to remind you that from October 15 to November 5 the “Paura del Buio” Halloween event will take place, which will see at least two legendary skins among the rewards. Soon the Firing Range will also be introduced, a training area where players can get familiar with the Apex Legends gameplay.