Should the Missing Exp Bar to the Level of Allies Be Visible During the Game?


Should the amount of missing exp to the next level of allies be visible to the whole team?

A thread has appeared on Reddit regarding the visibility of the missing exp allies. According to the author, such information should be available to the entire team at all times.

Level information – better team play

In the game, there is the possibility of chatting in the team chat the amount of missing exp to the next level. The value is expressed as a percentage. This is obviously very useful and needed. So why isn’t it visible all the time?

One of Reddit users wondered why we don’t see exp level of allies, as we see our next to the character image.

Riot Games

I think that the opportunity to see the XP bar for team members (such as the one next to our hero’s icon) would be very beneficial.

Probably most players associate situations where someone on the team did not notice that the ally is not yet level 6 and cannot use their super skill. Or in the early stages of the game adc and support were not sure whether they would reach together, e.g. level 3.

Players in the post on Reddit also noticed that despite the existence of the ping function of their own exp, sometimes in the whirlwind of fighting informing allies about it can be problematic. Some people mentioned that they sometimes click a little next to it (which they ping that their character is alive) or are never sure if each team member noticed this information in chat (especially in games where a lot of people write something).