Should Jax Receive Story Updates?

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Players ask many questions about Jax’s detailed history.

A thread about Jax’s plot has appeared in the League of Legends forum. The author suggested that the hero’s plot does not answer many of the questions that bother him.

Who exactly is Jax?

The author of the forum post almost immediately went to ask questions. What does it actually look like? Is he immortal? Does he know anything about Zilean? Why is he wearing a mask? Is this even a mask? Why do his eyes glow blue?

There were more questions, and the author himself seemed strongly interested in curiosities about Jax, to which he had not received any official answer so far.

The post lived to see Rioter’s reply, which was not particularly extensive. The players got the answer to only a few questions.

From the statements of the Riot employee, we learn that Jax’s plan is to find a person who will impress him and will want to have a mentor. The hero is very powerful. He knows about Green. Rioter ended his statement with the words:

You need to ask Jax about other things.

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Riot Games

One can guess that this answer will not be satisfying for many. Questions arose whether we will see some stories from the world of LoL coming to life, because little is known about them to this day.

Particularly comparing the rudimentary information about some characters to the extensive lore of fresh characters, to whom whole movies, comics and lots of stories are devoted.