Blizzard Banned for a Year and Took Tournament Winnings for Talking About Hong Kong


Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai was banned for a year from tournaments, he was also taken away from his tournament winnings for an interview in which issues related to the situation in Hong Kong arose.

Blizzard reacted very strongly to the interview with one of the Hearthstone players. The whole situation took place during the “Hearthstone Grandmasters” season. One of the players with the nickname Blitzchung wore a gas mask and spoke on topics related to Hong Kong. His exact words are:

iberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!

Blizzard approached the topic very seriously, not only the player himself but also the casteries – they were released.

Blizzard, with a strong reaction, slowed down and banned

Not wanting to have anything to do with it, both casteries hid under the desk. After that they said ” Ok that’s it, Blitz bro”.

As soon as the production realized what was happening, the transmission was interrupted. VOD from the situation is removed from various sites, so its administration is a little pointless.

Ultimately, Blizzard decided to ban a player from all Blizzard tournaments for a year, and take away tournament winnings. The two casters also had to say goodbye to the function on streams.