Beware of the Error With Fortnite Emoticons! You Won’t Be Able to Shoot?


One Fortnite fan discovered a bug preventing the shooting.

Emoticon causing our weapon to jam? It sounds terrible, but a mistake can make it happen!

Serious mistake

Season X ends quickly, we can observe the countdown to the end in the musty warehouse. It turns out that a small surprise awaits us before the start of the next season.

We recently wrote about a serious building problem, now shooting is coming. It’s going wrong, right?

On Reddit, one of the users published a post in which he included a video showing the whole situation.

As you can see after knocking down one player, our user tries to show an emote … after trying to cancel can not shoot, thus is eliminated!

It’s a sad thing, but there is something wrong with this recording. Let’s see what happens after he is killed. The character still stands still and only disappears after a short delay. So it turns out that it can be an increase in ping or packet loss. It seems to us that the data sent here dipped in the fingers. The player sees normally, because he gets information from the server, but does not send it himself, which results in a jamming of the weapon (I had something similar myself).

One of the employees of Epic Games replied to the post, saying that he had accepted the information and if the error repeated, he asked to report this unpleasantness in the game