The Amazing Design of the Updated Fiddlestick – Freezes!


The concept of one of the players on the remedied Fiddlestick surprises!

Fiddlestick will be updated soon. What does one player’s project look like?

The Dark Project

Many question marks as to the appearance of the new Fiddel put players in a great unknown. There are people here who wait, draw, imagine … and we who show the world the designs of others! Today we’ve targeted the amazing and dark Fiddel from Nils Wellander! He is famous for drawing dark images, such as Slav monsters or dramatic scenes.

He decided to take care of the new Fiddel and create an amazing work.

The whole look just like this:


Dark chopper looks really dark … such a model would certainly give the character a proper character, and meeting at night between two fields of corn … a heart attack.