Riot Laughs at the Long Queues at Overwatch


Riot employees also play Overwatch and also have quite long queues.

Blockade of roles had a very negative impact on the length of finding matches. The higher the rank, the harder it is to wait for a reasonable time. Record holders reset the counter after waiting an hour.

It turns out that Riot Games – the studio responsible for League of Legends – also lose patience.

How long I have to wait

Riot employees join people who give up on Overwatch. At least until the queues are over.

Here it was only about 5 minutes and as you can see, for many people it is too much. Meanwhile, many roles are waiting longer, not to mention DPS at all. Playing with friends can also be just tiring.

It is not known, however, whether Blizzard can do anything about it. The community just seems so small that such queues will stay with us and I am afraid that it can get worse. Unless BlizzCon rescues situations with the number of people.