Jankos Begins to Doubt the Victory of G2 Esports at Worlds!


G2 Esports star Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski during his broadcast commented on the other teams, which turned out to be ” f **cking good ”.

G2 Esports is listed as favorites to win the League of Legends World Championships this year. No wonder, practically the entire composition was at the forefront of many summaries of the best players 2019.

Now Jankos cools down emotions, which are huge – after all, G2 won against SKT T1, and expectations for the European team are extremely excessive.

Jankos during his broadcast Twitch admitted that he was quite surprised by the form and manner of play of Korean teams.

” Everyone says Western teams can beat Eastern teams, just as G2 can beat Korea and China. With some of these teams we had scrims and Asian teams …. oh my god, they are really good, “ said Jankos, laughing hard.

“We were so presumptuous and thought they were not good, but they are really damn good. Oh my god, “ said the G2 star.

Marcin later added that they work hard and fans can be calm because in the end, G2 knows well what to do to reach for further victories.

G2 will play its first matches in mid-October, exactly from the meeting against Griffin on October 13.

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