Fortnite Players Want to See the Great Leviathan Event Again. Wait What?


Do you remember the 4th season at Fortnite and the great Leviathan event? But then it happened!

In season 4 there was a whole bunch of suspicions that there will be an event related to the huge leviathan in the game. The whole world talked about it. Unfortunately, nothing like that finally happened.

It is a pity because according to all leaks and theories, we were to escort the great Leviathan through the map.

Leviathan in Fortnite

What’s more, in addition to leaks, there was even a description:

It will be 50v50, but one person from each team will control the great Leviathan. The team will have to help him escort to the Weeping Forest or Sticky Woods. The opposing team must destroy it before it reaches its goal. There will be no building in this mode.

Of course, the players did not escort anyone, and the great Leviathan was simply a skin – just like the rest.

However, it remained in the minds of players as one of the best modes. In fact, he aroused huge interest, and there were more theories around him than at the end of the 10th season.