Yes, Paris in Overwatch will see changes


Paris is one of the most-liked locations in Overwatch.

This is the moment of the year when some interesting interviews with Blizzard appear. In one of them, we learned that there are plans to change Paris.

Unfortunately, it is not known how the map will be changed and whether it will be only about an example of adding a door at the narrowest passage.

Paris changes

Blizzard revealed that changes are coming.

Are you preparing any map changes?

A: I know what you mean and yes, we are working on this map

So much and so much. No more details appeared. It is to be hoped that a major update will come during BlizzCon with the change of Paris.

Who needs it?

Players complain about one of the transitions practically since the beginning of the Paris release. One way is really poor and, interestingly, Blizzard knows it. At Eichenwalde, the blue had to change one of the buildings in such a way that it would allow the passage of more than one way.

However, no dates were given, so you can only guess that it’s about BlizzCon. Rather, there is no need for updates for the next month.